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Professional Programs


Boost morale while offering creative insight into sustaining long-term productivity and job satisfaction

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Rhythm-based programs are commonly used by corporations and organizations large and small to deliver teambuilding concepts and promote a unified vision amongst staff.  Rhythmical activities are wonderful tools for experientially teaching communication, cooperation, interdependency and leadership.  Participants interact with one another through the music. A sense of teamwork emerges when the group learns to listen to their fellow musicians; when the music gels together and ultimately when the group facilitates itself. This can be a powerful experience for a group to engage in as it is a real learning activity with deep meaning and practical relevance.

Rhythm-based events are a great way to boost workplace morale. Whether done in the workplace, or at an off-site retreat, your team get to put aside their activities for a time and become a part of what will assuredly be a most unforgettable event. The powerful music created by your group will stimulate and invigorate all in attendance. The fun, playful nature of the programs will encourage laughter, promote unity and uplift spirits, lasting long after the music stops.

Professional groups served with team building programs include:

  • Fortune 500 Companies (Johnson and Johnson, IKEA, Beam-Suntory, Constellation Energy, DynAccSys, International Finance Corporation,

  • Non-Profit Organizations (Adventist Healthcare, Alzheimer’s Association, Delta Foundation, The Baltimore Aquarium, Society of Human Resource Managers, Maryland Family Network, Maryland Coalition of Families for Children’s Mental Health )

  • State and County Government Agencies (Maryland Departments of Human Resources, Education and Social Services, County Departments of Social Services (AA, BL, BC, CL, CC, CH, DR, FR, KN, MG, PG, TB, WH)

  • Maryland Based Businesses (Workplace Trauma Center, Island Quizine, Working Systems, Truven, Traditional Accupuncture Institute)

  • Schools (The Frost School, Howard High School, Wilde Lake High School, Towson University)

Teambuilding and stress relief program with some fantastic dancing!

Workplace Wellness

Rejuvenate Mind, Body and Spirit!


FunDrum uses the dynamics of music making to achieve a variety of non-musical outcomes: group drumming has been proven to boost the immune system, lower stress hormones and trigger endorphin release. 

Stress is endemic to our modern workplaces.  The technology that is supposed to make our lives easier, has, ironically increased our levels of stress.  By bringing an 'outside the box' recreational recharge program to your workplace you have a mechanism by which you can, kinesthetically (hitting things!), release cumulative workplace stresses, and transform that potential negative disruptive energy into powerful rhythmic music. 

Recreational recharge programs can be a highly effective and economical way to improve workplace morale, cohesion and wellness.  FunDrum Rhythm Circles’ wellness programs utilizes proven, rhythm-based approaches to stress relief and burnout prevention.   Your group will feel less stress, increased energy, more connected and will perform better.  

Our workplace wellness programs have been utilized by Maryland Department of Social Services, Baltimore County Delta Foundation, Grassroots Crisis Intervention Center, among others.


Professional Conference Energizers

Make your conference unforgettable!


Step away from the PowerPoint! With instruments for up to 400 people, FunDrum Rhythm Circles can offer your professional conference a boost of energy with an engaging rhythm-based event. FunDrum Rhythm Circles delivers organizational metaphor through proven experiential programming. Opening energizers or capstone closing programs are highly effective ways of making your conference unforgettable for all attendees.


Celebrate your milestones, successes and achievements!

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There is a need for groups to recognize achievement, mark annual holidays and special dates and to celebrate the collective accomplishments of working teams. FunDrum Rhythm Circles offers the perfect tool to celebrate your success. Using a drum circle to channel your institution’s collective spirit into music is a wonderful way to commemorate and celebrate together.  The exciting sound of your group’s energy manifest through dynamic rhythmical music will leave a long-lasting memory while boosting morale and promoting camaraderie.   


Family/Community Programs


Child Enrichment

Rhythmically empowering our future!


FunDrum Rhythm Circles offers interactive, rhythm-based, skill-building programs for children ages 3+. FunDrum Rhythm Circles actively involves children in the fun creativity of musical play and the collaborative process of group rhythm creation. Using a variety of drums and percussion instruments, children will engage in a community drum circle with the aim of having lots of fun while simultaneously learning about music, rhythm and world cultures. Group drumming inspires self-confidence, creativity and self-discipline. A FunDrum event also gives children the opportunity to express themselves in a creative non-verbal way.  FunDrum has been enriching the lives of children for over 15 years, and has actively worked with children in:

  • Schools

  • Home school groups

  • Camps

  • After school programs

  • Museums

  • Libraries

  • Religious communities

  • Scouting groups


Our Children’s Programs Include:

Frog Pond Fun!

Frog Pond Fun!


FunDrum's Drum'n'Fun program uses a variety of rhythm-based games and activities to musically empower and connect young children.  Activities like - Frog Pond, Intergalactic Musical Chairs, Body Beats, Bottle Orchestra, Boomwhackers, and many, many others are used to create learning outcomes through creative play.  Drum'n'Fun programs serve groups up to 30 children per session and are individually crafted to meet the needs and abilities of each group.  Ages 3 and up.

Global Rhythm Journey

Looking for an innovative way to instill an appreciation for world cultures, geography and music in elementary school aged children?  Get your passports ready and invite your students to take a grand tour with the Global Rhythm Journey program.  The Global Rhythm Journey is an academic assembly program designed for students (k-5).  The Global Rhythm Journey takes up to 250 children at a time on an imaginary journey around the world in an academic assembly program.  Through exposure to an impressive collection of world percussion instruments, world and regional maps, traditional rhythms and songs, students will learn about geography, culture and music.  The children get to actively play along on their own instruments as they experience a variety of world rhythms and folksongs designed to teach and entertain.    

School residency programs

Daily and weekly residency programs involve students in an exploration of musical learning.  Not your typical musical educational approach - FunDrum residency programs empower each student with the ability to create wonderful rhythmical music in a cooperative setting.  Through carefully selected activities, students will not only learn about musical and social concepts, they will also learn about world cultures, history, geography, science, and much more. 

Drumming with the campers!


Senior Wellness

Well-elder programs engage, stimulate and connect!


FunDrum Rhythm Circles has been dedicated to delivering programs designed to enhance lifestyle quality for older adults for over 18 years.  Besides being a really fun activity, playing instruments as a group has been proven to improve morale, promote interdependence and positively affect the body's immune system.  Drumming as part of a group can achieve a variety of wellness outcomes far beyond the music produced. 



FunDrum Rhythm Circles' Senior Drum Program is designed especially for older adults and uses a variety of hand drums and percussion instruments, songs and games in an engaging program that creates its own fun while benefiting body, mind and spirit.  Facilitating wellness through creative rhythmical play is the underlying tenet of the Senior Drum Program.  Each session is crafted to support different groups of older adults:

  • Experiential lectures on topics including "History of World Drumming", "Modern Applications of Cultural Drumming", "Drumming for Stress Relief and many others are enriching for active older adult groups up to 25 persons.

  • Senior Drum programs can serve groups up to 50 people and be specifically crafted for groups of seniors with physical limitations as well as those suffering from dementia, Alzheimer's or Parkinson's disease.



Community Development

Collective Joy - Musically Expressed!


Community groups

Nothing celebrates community like drumming.  It is a fun, exciting musical expression of collective joy.  Imagine everyone from toddlers to grandparents all playing together and having fun while making music.  FunDrum's programs involve everyone regardless of musical ability, age, race, gender, etc. Drum circles create a sense of community by allowing participants to express their spirit through playing percussion instruments in a group setting.  Through the collaborative process of blending individual rhythms and different sounds into a spontaneous musical piece; drum circles become a shared expression of creativity and joy.

Drum circles create a sense of community by allowing participants to express their spirit through playing percussion instruments within a supportive group setting. Through the collaborative process of blending individual rhythms and different sounds into spontaneous musical pieces, the drum circle becomes a shared expression of creativity and joy.  The very process of learning to create music together in the moment is one of the most powerful ways to build community spirit and identity.  Consider using a drumcircle event to celebrate a particular milestone or achievement in your community.  Bring the people, we bring the fun!



Spiritual Communities

Drum circles are a wonderful tool for community spirit building. Besides being an uplifting, wholesome experience, a drum circle can be a tangible celebration of faith and connection with community. FunDrum Rhythm Circles offers a dynamic and powerful program for religious communities. Whether it is a stand alone activity, or incorporating a drum circle into regular service, FunDrum delivers a program that will connect, inspire and revitalize your faith community. When your congregation channels their beliefs and faith through spontaneous music, a very powerful community sound emerges; one that reflects in an undiluted way, the feelings and expressions of the group's faith.  FunDrum serves people of all religious faiths.

FunDrum has been hosting drumcircles at the Oakland Mills Community Festival every year since 2002. Bring the drums and community shows up!

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